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November 17, 2006
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  1. A Spotify account (free or premium) I've not tested with a free account, but according to spotify it should work.
  2. Spotify desktop app installed on same computer as you are going to use with MediaPortal
Getting ready
  1. Create an app at spotify, use this link: Dashboard | Spotify for Developers, you have to login.
  2. Click the "Create app" button.
  3. Give your Application a name, doesn't matter what.
  4. Set the Redirect URI to: http://localhost:5132/callback this is important that it is just like I wrote it.
  5. Check the Agree checkbox
  6. Click the "Save" button
  7. Save the Client ID and the Client secret, you will need these later
Installation and Configuration
  1. Put the SpotyPortal.dll in the plugins\Windows folder in your MediaPortal folder
  2. Put the skin-files in the skin folder, I've only files for the StreamedMP skin, maybe some one can fix for some other skins
  3. Put SpotyPortal.html in "ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\SpotyPortal"
  4. Start MediaPortal Configuration.
  5. Select Configuration for the SpotyPortal-plugin
  6. Put in the Client ID and Client secret you saved above.
  7. Press the "Authorize" button.
  8. Your web browser will open, login to Spotify.
  9. Accept the agreement.
  10. Close the web-browser when you get a page with the information that the authorazition is done. Hopefully after the update of this instruction it shall open that page. If that doesn't happen, but you got a tokens.json file in "ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\SpotyPortal everything should be fine.
  11. Close the SpotyPortal configuration window.
  12. Close MediaPortal-configuration.

  • Added shuffle
  • Added repeat
  • Added SpotyPortal.html
  • Added next song i the now playing overlay
  • Made some changes to the code to make more stable

You can now start MediaPortal and start using the SpotyPortal plugin to listen to music from Spotify.

MediaPortal is not used to play the music, it only act as a remote to the Spotify app on your computer.

The first time you start it and the first time you select a playlist, it will take some time because it will download the covers for the playlists and then for all the songs in the playlist

All config information is stored in the SpotyPortal folder in your MediaPortal folder in APPDATA.
This includes your Client ID and Client Secret.
But I dont see any risks with that, because it is on your computer, so no one can get it except if they have access to your computer.

I'm sure there are some bugs and some more feature that can be implemented, but for now I think it is working quite good.

I've only used it with MP 1.25, so dont know if it will work with the current version.

When you exit the plugin, the music will stop and you will have to start it again when going in to the plugin again.

If you're going to use it with multiple instances of MP, you've to create one App for each of those instances.


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