1. J

    SpotyPortal a Spotify plugin for MediaPortal

    Prerequisites A Spotify account (free or premium) I've not tested with a free account, but according to spotify it should work. Spotify desktop app installed on same computer as you are going to use with MediaPortal Getting ready Create an app at spotify, use this link: Dashboard | Spotify...
  2. Goucho

    Plugin für WMC Fernbedienung

    Hallo Kollegen, hatte irgendwo gelesen, dass es ein Plugin geben soll, das die Nutzung einer WMC Fernbedienung im MP ermöglichen bzw. optimieren soll. Meine WMC Fernbedienung funzt bei einigen Operationen im WMC Skin ganz gut, aber bei weitem nicht bei allen. Habt Ihr einen Tip parat?
  3. Goucho

    Installation PlugIn und Skin

    Hallo Ihr Profis, lasse gerade WMC wg. Win10 hinter mir und bin hier absoluter Neueinsteiger. Bitte schreibt mir doch mal, wie ich einen PlugIn installieren kann, nachdem ich ihn runtergeladen habe. Wie wir er installiert, bzw. in welches Verzeichnis muss er kopiert werden? Habe nach der...
  4. C

    Create a desktop shortcut to the TV plugin?

    At the following link it describes the ability to create a desktop shortcut to a plugin: Specifically it says: For convenience, you may create a shortcut to a plugin configuration window If...
  5. G

    plugin for system shutdown after timed recording?

    Hello again! I'm happy to be able to report that MP 1.15 seems to be working perfectly. I'm now able to do timed recordings without any difficulty. However, I would like to be able to have the system shut down after completing a recording if necessary. Can the Power Scheduler do this for...
  6. J

    Is there an elegant, legal way to add Sky or NowTV to my MP server

    Hi, I live in the UK and have a MP server and mostly Kodi clients through the house. My son is turning into a big Formula 1 fan. I notice that only about half of the Grand Prix are live on BBC and the rest are only highlights, pfft There are two possible legal solutions in the UK to watch the...
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