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October 29, 2009
Australia Australia
hi all,

installed a mediaportal update recently, and lost all of my config, including the watched flag for my movies! :( i started setting the watched flag again manually, but it's way too time consuming.

can someone help me with the sql for setting the watched flag? i have all my directories named with ratings, e.g. "Toy Story 3 c2010_++++" - if there's a + it would indicate that the movie has been watched.

i've installed sql lite, and opened the database, as per this post.

now, i just need the sql, so, something like:

update user_movie_settings
set watched = 1
where user_movie_settings.id = local_media.id
and local_media.fullpath like '%+%'

this obviously being incorrect.




Community Plugin Dev
June 7, 2007
United States of America United States of America
For what its worth every time you run the Moving Pictures installer it backs up your database. You might be able to restore your old data.


Portal Pro
October 29, 2009
Australia Australia
thanks fforde, but there's a lot of big bold writing nowadays warning that restoring old config might cause problems, so i was wary.

anyway, here's the sql in case it's of use to anyone else:

update user_movie_settings
set watched = 1
where id in (
select movie_info_id
from local_media__movie_info
where local_media_id in (
select id
from local_media
where fullpath like '%+%'))



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