Step By Step Nova-T Installation

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by samedney, January 16, 2005.

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    This is how I got mine working from a new MP installation.

    1. Uninstall any drivers you already have in place for the card.

    2. Work out which version of the card you have, as there are 2. Open up your box and check the card underside. You will either have a "Conexant 90002" or a "Phillips / Technotrend 909". NB. Even though the box mine came in says 909, I actually have a 90002!

    3. Download the latest BDA drivers.


    4. Unpack the drivers

    5. Reboot.

    6. Point new devices to the new folder when auto-detecting. Install as requried.

    7. Check you can auto-tune using the WinTV application. Are you getting a good signal, and receiving channels ok?

    8. Copy the updated BionicDonkey version of Media Portal over your setup.

    9. Open the MP "Configure" program and select "Hauppauge Win TV 88TS Capture Card" (It might be different on the 909).

    10. Click "Auto Tune"....

    That should run through all the channels, and as its scanning let you know in the text at the top, as it finds a working frequency. The channels wont appear in the list as it runs through, but they will be in the "Channels" setting.

    Thats it.

    Mine didnt actually pick up the right channel settings, so I had to copy them from the WinTV suite editor using SQLite. Took a while, but now almost all my Freeview channels are working.

    If things dont work first time, a few things to consider are:

    1. Video Renderer.
    2. MPEG Audio decoder.
    3. MPEG Video decoder.

    I am now using "Overlay", "Cyberlink Video / SP DEcoder" and "FFDShow Audio Decoder" respectively.

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    Useful, Thanks

    Also thanks to bionicdonkey for the patch....coupla questions though...

    1) Why did you patch MP rather than MP

    2) Is a bionicdonkey patched MP installation better than a MP version?

    3) I'm currently playing with MP so is it worth patching this with bionicdonkey's fix? If there's no good reason why now, I may try this first.
  4. Callifo
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    Simple answer is you are reading a rather old thread. You dont go back to old ones so just go to latest 0107. Dont patch the newer one with this old version. Plus those listed drivers are old, the 90002 model card now has 1.3 drivers.

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