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January 4, 2008
I recently upgraded my MP to 1.6.0. Since then when I go to "video" (listed by folders) the two small dots to go to parent folder are no more at top of the list, but they are randomly in between the movies. I've breen using MO for several years and this is the first time I've got a problem in video section, anyone has similer behaviour?
I'm running MP on windows 8 64 bit, I tried both to upgrade a previous 1.5 release and to do a clean installation...same thing!
could you help me?


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June 5, 2008
Finland Finland

I have this problem too. It is most annoying in the TV recordings section.
Another thing that has changed since 1.5 (and I would like to have changed back) is back button behaviour: when I go to a recording subfolder (for example C.S.I) and press 'back' on the remote, it took me one level up in 1.5. With 1.6 it takes me to previous location I was in MP (for example TV Guide).

I would like to have these issues changed back the way they were in 1.5.

I've been using MP for years and this is the first time it seems like it went backwards.

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