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July 2, 2015
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I have an issue which has just started and it came about after i woke my pc from sleep
All of a sudden there is an issue with my tuners - well 2 seperate issues i think
1. All cards are busy - even tho i only have 2 recording going....never has been an issue in the past
2. No PMT error- from issue above, when red line disappears,i try a new manual timeshift/redord and get this error.

i have no idea where to start with this one

Logs attached



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    Hi Adam

    i have no idea where to start with this one
    As always, please start by providing log files. The screenshots don't give us enough information to know what's going on.


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    just briefly viewed the error-logs. something seems wrong with the filters (your codec config)
    [2017-06-26 19:30:37,056] [Error  ] [MPMain   ] [ERROR] - Failed filter:  not found
    [2017-06-26 19:30:37,068] [Error  ] [MPMain   ] [ERROR] - Failed filter:  not found
    recently any win10 updates installed? if yes, then have a look at this posts 1.16 Pre Rel. crashes after w10 update, maybe its the same issue..
    about the pmt error, i dont know but have u tried to rescan the channels?


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    July 2, 2015
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    Thanks @daWooky
    Ill take a look at the link
    I also have a feeling that the pmt error was due to not receiving a particular channel at the time. Seems good now

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