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  • August 15, 2011
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    Hi All,

    I recently reinstalled everything since I upgraded to MP 1.4. I did the plugin setup and import of all my series and that went fine. All are visible and accessible. The problem starts when I try to play an episode, of some of my series. I am saying some because it doesn't happen with all. Once I press enter to play the episode after a few seconds It pops the "rate the episode" window and marks it as watched. Other series and episodes play fine, it seems to be related with the definition of the file although i didn't do extensive testing to be able to back up any data on this, but with the limited troubleshhoting I did , SD files play fine always (or could it be the size of the file?).

    Any ideas?

    Additional Info that may be useful
    - The plugin was working well for all me series in the MP 1.3 setup I had before, no files have ever not been displayed or presented such behavior.
    - Because the HTPC sits in my home theater and connects via HDMI to a processor is difficult to setup, so I removed it and connected it via DVI to a monitor that runs native resolution of 2500 x 1400 vs the 1920x1080 that the projector is running.

    UPDATE: Did a clean install of everything, including windows 7. That fixed the problem.
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