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December 15, 2012
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I'm kind of stuck trying to get AMPDroid and MPExtended to work in a couple areas. I was hoping you guys could provide some insight.

A little background. I have MPExtended, MP, MPTV services and basic plugins installed on my desktop for testing. My Android phone has AMPDroid installed and working.

The first issue I noticed is Powermodes menu options for some reason when I try and use them over 3/4G I get unreliably responses. Even if I try the same command it will sometimes works almost immediately or up to like 5 minutes, but I have a solid connection streaming video with almost no delay. I don't think it's connection quality or latency on the Cellular network. Also, works reliably over WiFi. The more important thing is I need the WOL to work. If I use a generic Android WOL app, my system gets the WOL packet almost immediately and works every time. When I use AMPDroid's WOL it sometimes takes minutes or never wakes up. Is there something different in the packet format, or way it sends it? It seemed to work reliably over WiFi, which is more confusing.

The second issue I'm experiencing is no matter what streaming profile I use, it uses my maximum upload bandwidth on my DSL going out over the Internet to the phone. I looked in the streamingprofiles.xml and noticed the lower profile Bandwidth setting is much lower then my cap of ~600kbps. I tried changing some profile settings, but it always uses the maximum bandwidth regardless of the Bandwidth setting or any other changes. Could someone point me to some documentation that better explains why it's using so much bandwidth above the target? Is it buffering ahead?

I would like to throttle down to a lower bitrate to save some data on my cell plan, and compensate for poor connections. Is that possible?

Also is there any document that explains the command line arguments on the Transcoder line in the streamingprofiles.xml file. For example, what does -b:v mean?



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