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    Free HDD space isn't always a luxery, so the shows I do not care to watch again I delete as I go.

    MP-TVSeries has perfect support for this. After watching a show I can press '0' on my remote, and use option '3' to purge file from database and disk, or use option '1' to purge from disk only.

    By using option '1', it allows me to keep track on the last show that I watched and it prevents the entire show from dissapearing due to lack of episodes to list. Once a new episode comes out, I clean up those reminders via option '3' and all is well.

    The only problem I encountered a few times now is that I need access to my HTPC to verify this (and the wife is hogging it), because no files exist anymore on the storage box. Sure I can keep a copy of the previous episode, but then we're back to that free HDD space isn't always a luxery.

    What would help me out is an extra option to 'zero' the file out, as in keep the "Californication.S03E10.720p.HDTV.x264-RED.mkv" file, but clear out the contents so that the file ends up being 0-bytes. I've done this manually and MediaPortal doesn't freak out over this if somebody accidently starts the show, it simply gives a codec error that it can not play the file.

    Or am I alone in thinking this is useful?

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