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July 22, 2013
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I had something similar when on winmce and trying to reproduce in mp1.4. I have 150GB of SSD that I have configured MP to save recordings as well as live tv buffer. The SSD does a great job with read/writes etc. Then I have 1TB 'spinner' hard drive where I want to move the recorded content, once it is done recording (in the background) where I keep the content for long term storage. That drive is USB2, so good enough for reads but writes are not that good (specially when I am recording multiple shows at the same time). I have also set it up so that comskip scans recordings as soon as the recording is done. MP-tvseries also watches both SSD and USB drives to find new shows and add them to its library.

Can somebody recommend a way that I can 'smoothly' move the content from SSD to USB (it can be done nightly, it does not have to be right away) so that comskip is not messed up and somehow the show does not show up twice in mp-tvseries.



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  • February 23, 2008
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    You might wanna checkout the TvWishList plugin. It's great for scheduling recordings, and it has an option to 'Wait xx minutes before ComSkip starts'.
    Very helpful since you can move the recording to a specific folder when it's done, and if ComSkip has started, the file is locked (so it won't move).

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