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May 18, 2010
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First of all, I am no programmer, I am no professional designer. I just love this app and know a fair bit of graphics design, which is my hobby. So I painted around what I think might be a useful and simple, flat-navigation-styled interface. I hope the images are still of acceptable size, I am used to different layouts with my new monitor.

Now I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, let's hear what you think of it :)

The Connect View
This one greets the user after the app started. You can select your machine you want to connect to, edit some parameters and press connect. If autoconnect is there, the button should be greyed out (or a stop button) and connect itself to the...​

Home View
That's your personal dashboard. You can arrange the links to the individual MP features around as you like. Below, there are either ads (free version), latest media or more buttons. Customizable as you like.​
The top will always be the same in every submenu. From left to right:​
MP gets you back here to the Home View. It's your home button. A green or red dot indicates the connection status, visible from every page.​
The text-dropdown is the only thing which changes. Here, it shows the current server we're connected to. On other pages, it offers filtering and search capabilities (for Movies and Series) or shows our own subcategories (for Radio and TV)​
The remote button opens the remote section (TBA, I still have to sketch around a bit there, will post this in the next days)​
The play button brings us to the current page which is also active in MP. If for example a movie is playing, it shows the info page (progress bar, subtitles, audio selection, movie summary). On TV and Radio it brings up the timeshift bar, a recording option, subtitles, audio selection and the current EPG for the live channel).​
All other menu items (which are setup-and-forget, like server settings, autoconnect and also the main links) are hidden in the three dots on the bottom right. They don't take away any space there and are still accessible.​
Now let's dive into the next level:​

Movies / Series View
Here, the top bar has filtering capabilities combined with a search function (the text goes into the filtering box, to conserve space). Other than that, it is basically the same as it is right now.​
TV / Radio View
Pressing the TV dropdown in the top bar brings up out categories for TV and Radio. Below, a submenu for advanced functions is added. You can access the TV server status, the recordings (and timeshift) folder and the EPG for all channels.​


That's it so far, I hope you like it. If so I'd be glad to provide with more :)

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