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  • February 16, 2008
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    The SVT Group (www.svt.se) provide program guide with 4 weeks (28 days) forecasting. They also provide with some other standard channels but those only got 14 days, for these channels I recommend to use dagensTv-grabber by vuego instead.

    GENRE: In latest version of MP it is possible to colour different programs genre in the TV guide. SVT do not have genre information and therefore I try by keywords identify genre, this is a never ending tuning process and I just provide with a rough set of keywords in the grabber file. The genre making are done in two steps; first it create a genre same as the keyword and in a second step it modify those into standard genre (those standard genre just need to me mapped once in MP S Config). Please read the comment fields in the grabber file for how to do the adjustments by your own.

    Channels in the grabber
    (part of STV group, normally 28 days forecasting)
    SVT World

    (others with only 14 days forecasting)
    Kanal 5

    Note: There is a bug in the WebEPG GUI that do not allow anything higher then 14 days.

    Workaround: After exiting Server Configuration; open …\MediaPortal TV Server\WebEPG\WebEPG.xml and change maxGrabDays to 28 by using notepad.

    OBS: If you open Server Configuration; the days will automatically be changed to 2 and all grabber scheduled days will by unchecked, you must remark the days before doing OK and then with notepad redo the workaround.

    The channels in the grabber are not added to channels.xlm and therefore will not be available in auto mapping, but work find in manual mapping.


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