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  • May 15, 2007
    Finland Finland
    I found nice c# class gauges and came up with this little experiment. All info is updated online and you can select drive from menu. Is there any use for something like this? If so, what else is relevant info for you?

    I can't do any graphics so background images are what they are but some skinner can make this more polished.

    Edit: 07-12
    Here is now first testing version for you. To install just unzip this build in MP folder (mpi extension had some problems). Monochrome is the only skin supported at the moment.

    If anybody is willing to help as searching and pointing out c# classes for CPU, HDD temp, fans etc. please do post a link. We want this to be totally independent from 3rd party sw.

    Edit: 09-12
    Unfortunately temp or fan readings are almost impossible with c# (WMI, SMBIOS) so we have to use SpeedFan for that purpose. Here is test version (without any fancy layout or graphics) to show raw data. Install SpeedFan and only thing that must be configured is xAP UID "FF671100" which is hard coded in plugin. Select monitored items and change labels if needed and you are ready to go. Remember that SpeedFan is totally optional - plugin will be as RC1 without it.

    Edit: 15-03
    - New version where gauge backgrounds are transparent
    - TVControl.dll not needed if TVServer not used.
    - Blue3wide is the only skin file in this build



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  • March 4, 2008
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    maybe a network (up/down) traffic histogram.. :D
    That would be sweet.


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  • December 21, 2005
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    No plug-in like this that I know of of, nearest would be MY SpeedFan.

    Temperature (CPU, HDD) would be nice as well, so a "plugin merge" would be cool :)


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    March 17, 2008
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Looks cool, would like to get my hands on that!
    Speedfan would be a nice addition indeed! Another nice addition would be some way to setup multiple PC's. For example I use MP now to monitor speedfan on my server by ways of the xAP protocol. If something similar could be done for stuff like CPU utilization etc I would dump MySpeedfan and switch over to this one (if and when it get's released). If I could monitor the server and the MP machine at the same time it would be awesome.

    Besides that I have one more addition that I'd like to see.
    The CPU load meter should really have needles for every core that's in the machine! Maybe another one for overall load?


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  • October 31, 2006
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    Very, very nice. Is that realy an MP plugin (would really like that) or rather a standalone app?
    It's the first plugin where you can finally see the actual free space of a harddisk from inside MP.
    That is great :)


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    November 16, 2006
    United States of America United States of America
    um, YES PLEASE!!!

    It would be awesome to be able to even some basic information about the system somewhere from within MP

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