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    I was using your program the other day, trying to tag audio books (actually I DID tag audiobooks ;-) ). Some had no track number, so I thought "yeah, that should be no problem" - but actually it was. I know how to enter a track number for a single file or how to tag multiple files with the same track number - but how do I tag files with Track numbers 1 to 150 ? I don`t want to manually touch every single file, is there a way to automate this ?



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    There is the Autonumber feature for that.

    In the Ribbon, besides the "Cover Art" button, you'll see the "AutoNumber" and "Number on Click" button with a text field containing "1!.
    Just mark the files you want to number and press auto number and it'll number them starting from 1.

    Number on click does the numbering, when you click on the individual track.


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  • June 29, 2006
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    I knew there had to be a way ;-)

    Thx m8 !

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