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  • April 23, 2004
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    I read this on the MP site ..Im trying in i cant get it working......

    There are several ways of displaying video on the screen ex. through Overlay or VMR9. Overlay is the most used and the oldest and works on every video card. VMR9 is the newest and uses DirectX, for example the TV OSD in Overlay gives flickering, while the TV OSD in VMR9 give transparency, best de-interlacing and performance. But it is not compatible/supported by all video cards.

    The problem with VMR9 is that it has tearing because the videocard can't keep up filling the buffers so you will see a part of from ex. frame 1 and frame 2 together in one shot. Which gives tearing especially in moving shots.

    The quicker the video card the less you got tearing, but even with an nVidia 6800GT it still tears. To get rid of this you have to play the movie in VMR9 fullscreen.

    Well I see you thinking: "What is the problem? I am running MP fullscreen.". Well no that is not 'real' fullscreen. To get tearing free VMR9 video, you have to put MP in a special fullscreen mode like this:

    If you have MP in fullscreen got to the window (ALT+ENTER) and go to File - Change Device... and select under Display mode settings the Fullscreen radiobutton.

    And you can now enjoy tearing free VMR9!

    Note: MP is very unique in this, since the only application who does this the same way is Mediator. Which is an Alpha player which can be found on avsforum. Even ZoomPlayer does not do this!

    Is this available in ..or in CVS?


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  • December 7, 2004
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    I tried it and it turned my MP into a black background with no effects on the buttons. Seemed alright otherwise (works still).


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  • April 22, 2004
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    yes its available in 0.1.03
    however aurora13 made a little mistake
    just turn on 'start MP in fullscreen' in configuration
    or use alt+enter to get MP to fullscreen mode
    when you do that vmr9 will be tearing free


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