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November 20, 2004
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I know that this card have no BDA driver.

But Skystar card is already implemented in MP with native SDK.

CableStar is almost the same but for DVB-C

I see the same request on the forum for AirStar the DVB-T model.

Basicaly It's works almost like a skystar but with one other setting : Modulation

I had some skill in C++ dev and with some help, I would like to implement it in MP.


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December 22, 2004
I also have tha same question, only for airstar2.
I have exchanged a few emails with Agree who implemented the SkyStar2 and he seemed a bit annoyed with people asking him for AirStar2 support.
Several times I proposed him help which he said he could use for testing etc. That was over seven months ago and I never had any news from Agree. Then I contacted him again about five months ago and he replied he was working on a total rewrite from scratch and that the AirStar2 suport wasn't a priority. Since, I have tried to check on the status, but never got a single line of response from Agree. I hope thus he's still with us on Mediaportal...
If not, would it be possible for anyone to hack/modify Agree's code and change it to handle tuners in the cable and terrestrial cards? Everybody seems to say the DVB-S, DVB-T and DVB-C versions basically the same except for the tuner.

Thanks for any ideas,


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