[confirm] Technotrend DVB-S2 - CI Problem (1 Viewer)


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July 15, 2008
Hello MP team,

after some days of runnning my 7x24 server I get an error "Channel is scrambeld" when switching to such a channel. After restarting the server I do not have any problems everything is working well. So it's no hardware connection problem.

This seams to be a long known problem for MP but in the forum I found some threads for this issue BUT I didn't find any helpful solution for technotrend DVB-S cards using CAM Moduls for long time..

I thing eventually MP is loosing contact to the CAM Module or the Technotrend CAM Module needs a special reset / wakeup after some time. Of course I updated the tt driver to latest version..

Please have a look to the attached logfiles. I exportet these after last occurence of that problem and a complete server restart, so problem should be visible in log n-1 ??


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