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July 15, 2008
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Hello Mediaportal-Forum,

I have a problem with my technotrend S2-3200 cards. After a while the card loses all signal information.

The first one work for years without problems. Suddenly mediaportal didn't show a program, no signal. All my efforts to find signal by rebooting, rescanning of channels or reinstalling driver toke no succses. Only way to bring MP back to live was to install a new dvb-s card. This card worked for about 10 weeks and now the same problem...

MP do not find a signal at all. Stopping the MP service and scanning the sat by DVBviewer shows that signal information is there, which means that I can see a information bar coming up and the information buttons change colour (PAT = Yellow, PMT and SDT = red) but also dvb Viewer do not find channels???

First I thought that the signal from the dish is bad so I checked the dish direction. Everything ok because the tv using the second lnb port works well.
As written before I reinstalled the driver software, no change.
Then I checked the sat-cable, no problem a normal tv receiver works well...
So, I think there could be a hardware problem but why shows this card scanning information in DVB-Viewer???

I didn't move nor manipulate the pc. Only possibility I could imagine is that the cable have a problem? But why is the standalone receiver working? And if there would be a temporary connection between earth and the middle line I hope that would not destroy the pc card???

Unfortunately I do not get any person on the phone at technotrend, to be honest I do not know if this company still exists...

Hope somebody can give me a tip how to fix this problem!!

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