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January 19, 2008
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I had a little problem with the subtitles for swedish SVT today. As a lot of swedes know SVT1 and SVT2 share teletext, I don't know how that's supposed to work but I kept getting SVT1 subtitles on SVT2 (and SVT1 had a really stupid show so it was kind of annoying ;) )

I messed with it for a while and it didn't seem to be a problem with the channels sharing teleltext, I don't think it was supposed to show at all. Here's what I did in the attached logs:

* Watch SVT1 (no subtitles showing)
* Watch SVT2 (no subtitles showing)
* Watch CANAL+ Action (subtitles loaded from page 199 I believe)
* Watch SVT1 (SVT1 subtitles loaded from page 199)
* Watch SVT2 (SVT1 subtitles loaded from page 199)

So I figure the key here is that CANAL+ Action enabled the subtitles and after that SVT kept them


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