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May 12, 2009
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As a sound designer I need to keep accurate tabs on my tags. For years now, during tag editing sessions, I have usually had to hop between two or three tag editors (usually MediaMonkey, Tagscanner and Media Tagger) in an effort to have access to all the bits and bobs I need.

In one of my many vain attempts to find one decent mp3 tagger I discovered MPTagThat this evening on the Techsupportalert website. Ten minutes and I knew that this software was in a different league, even from professional tagging software! I successfully and accurately tagged 10 albums quickly and easily, so much so that the normal chore became a bit of a joy! This programme is now so much in my personal armoury of essential audio programs after a few short hours it's unbelievable!

Thank you so much for this, and any support I can give in the continued support and development of this programme I will.

Pat Jackman,
Professional sound designer and composer,

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