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November 19, 2005
hello out there

i decidet to install the green button plug in for my mce 2005 remote with MP and win Xp Pro ( sp2 )

i place the files in the plugin folder, but nothing change. is there any introducing about the plugin?? i seach the forum , but with no result.

i need the blaster plug in to controll my extern sat-reciver.
starting the .exe gives the option to lear remote an test them . all successfull .. but how to integrate in MP??


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December 7, 2004
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The green button plugin is no longer needed.

Quick note to those still providing external links to this plugin, please remove them, the same applies for mcelearn and mphook. I'm cursed by these applications.

Place myblaster.dll in your plugins\process folder.
Place myblaster.exe in the root of your MP installation/working folder.
Execute myblaster.exe and run through the learning process.

You then need to tell MP which channels are external, this is done through the Configuration application.

Then run MP and hopefully when you change the STB will respond and you'll all be a happy people once again.


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