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February 12, 2009
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am I the only person missing google-video support?

You know, Google-Video, a reeeeaaaaally big video-site, no?
I've found no traces in this forum that anyone here is actually aware the site exists.
I really _am_ thinking "HoHoHoly Sh*t, this can't be!"
Jaaa, i know, but I think you'll all get the point.

I already tried pasting correct urls in the podcast-section of this lovely online-video plugin, with no luck.
From my point of view (the northpole hohoho) it seems there has to be some support for the scheme google is using for metadata since the results could not be parsed (and no wondering here, it's something else youtube uses).

dear devs of the online-video plugin,
if you give me google-video support, i'll get you a biiiiig present for x-mas.
yours, Santa
(thinking: "PS: Just kiddn")

I would love to integrate gv myself, but have no windose coding platform avail. It should be something simple, like duplicating the youtube-loader with respect to the different tag-names coming from the rss-input.

Someone here willing to help an old, fat Man in a red dress?
Coding mokeys willing to get bananas, appreciated.


PPS: intentions: having a thread, people can search for - a central thread to show (or not show) the need for google-video integration and to show your support - or even telling people you're onto something in that matter, like havin the compiled plugin lyin under your bed.
PPPS: first post! :D

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