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December 15, 2008
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Main difference of this theme to standard Titan is the BasicHome. Xanadu only has one screen in basic home and submenus open to same space with the selected tile. I also add some other modifications along the way as I tweak my own system.

In latest version of the theme, modifying submenu items is now more easy, because you can set or disable any menu item from BasicHome.menuitems.xml. All you need to do to disable an item, is to set that link id to 0. The english version of the config file is now default and I tried to make it more generic.

Couple of issues:
- You need to have the first submenu item set.
- It is not possible to disable a submenu completely via config file.
- Parameters can't be set in config file (at least for now) and need to be set at BasicHome.submenus.xml.

Update log:
- English BasicHome.menuitems.xml now default and made more generic.
- All submenu items now configurable in BasicHome.menuitems.xml.
- Disabling submenu item by setting link id to 0.

- Separated the submenu texts and links to BasicHome.menuitems.xml for easier customization.
- Added Basichome.menuitemsEN.xml that you can rename to BasicHome.menuitems.xml to have English menus (entries that I found suitable matches from language file, should translate automatically to the language you are using).
- Teletext modified to block less of the TV view.
- Weather info on BasicHome from


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