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April 8, 2015
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The 2.1.3 version will show 8 days in advance :)
Thanks! I may still grumble about needing to take an extra step to see the selected program's possible other upcoming episodes during scheduling, but this was the only thing truly preventing me from installing MP2 on my mom's HTPC and teach her to use it for watching the recordings instead of Kodi as MP2 allows clicking the seek bar with a mouse. Thus the plugin for Kodi is no longer needed and with it goes almost 99% of the support calls I would get from her about not being able to watch the recordings.

I would start a new tread for the below suggestions for this EPG-mode, if only I would have an official name for it:

- Ctrl+Left/Rigth: Move back to the previous midnigth or forwards to the next morning timeslot
- Ctrl+Up/Down: Switch to the next or the previous channel


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April 8, 2015
Finland Finland
So I finally got around to clone my OS to another SSD and try out the new version, here are some of the things I noticed:

The EPG data is now listed far farther than before, but it still ends a bit too early. Some channels have it end about half a day too soon, the others even more than a day earlier. Could there be some kind of a limit on the number of programs that are listed in the single channel view and some of the channels have too many 5-15 minutes long shorts that cause the rest of the week's programs to not be listed?

Some of the skins and their themes don't mark the scheduled programs in the single channel view, I had to go back to the Extended Scheduling view to verify that I had not forgotten to mark them or back out entirely to the main menu and select the Schedules view.

While I could get the rest of MP2 to show time in HH:mm format, the EPG is still stuck on the AM/PM format. I am using English Window 7 x64 with a Finnish keyboad and locale, just in case that causes some confusion on any automatic detection MP2 might be doing?

The single channel view has replaced the function that allowed to skip back and forth one day at time with the ability to switch channels. Also if I go back to the timeline view and go from there to another channel's view, the listing resets to current day unlike in the MP1 where it stayed on the same day where I was on the previous channel. If one is using a printed TV guide as a reference, scheduling is unfortunately still a far better experience with MP1.

If only MP1 could use MP2's TVservice, then I would use the former for scheduling and the latter for viewing the recordings.
I gues my mom will still be using the MP1/Kodi combo for a while, but at least I now have MP2 on my own HTPC where these issues are not total deal breakers and keep on testing the newer versions until those are dealt with.

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