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    If you're working on a theme or mod for Titan, please post it here.

    Please only include brief description / screenshots in your post
    and post a link to a thread to download and discuss your theme.

    If you update a mod, feel free to make a new post in the thread. The main thing is that discussions of mods & themes go elsewhere to keep the thread clean.

    If you have questions / comments regarding a theme then please post it in that theme's thread so that this thread remains clean.
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    Titan Christmas Theme


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    Theme: Titan Flow by @legnod

    I developed this theme to give the user some more options than the basic Titan skin currently does.
    You can set up the BasicHome menu inside the MediaPortal settings (GUI -> Skin Settings)

    The Theme is full compatible with MediaPortal 1.4 pre release and most of the current available skinfiles are included and fully supported!


    You can enable/disable the BasicHome features inside the MP GUI configuration!!!

    Linked submenu itemsThe linked submenu items are located insinde the basichome.submenus.xml and can be changed by simply editing the "hyperlink" parameters for the specific buttons. For more information take alook at this post.


    Reworked TV Guides
    • Choose between 7, 9, 11 and 15 rows!
    • Mini TV Guide: Choose between 3, 6 or 8 rows!
    Select one custom button on the BasicHome (the bottom left one)
    • Games (MyEmulators)
    • Weather ( WorldWeather)
    • My Pictures
    • OnlineVideos
    • My Radio
    • other will follow (maybe i will add an second button which you can configure to your needs...)
    Latest Media overlays
    • Music
    • Recordings
    • Movies
    • TV-Series
    • Pictures (if Picture button is enabled and has focus)
    • 5 Day Weather Summary (WorldWeather / WorldWeather Lite)
    Additional overlays
    • SleepControl countdown if Timer is active (an additional overlay for an other plugin will follow)
    • 5-Day Weather summary (will be displayed if the "Tools" button or the "Weather Button" (is chosen as custom button) has got focus.
    • Infoservice
    other changes
    • Animated backgrounds on basichome and some plugins (not everything done yet)
    • Dialogs and Video related overlays arent sliding in any more...the just fade in
    • extended Music Now Playing overlay (next track will be displayed)
    • Music Now Playing window has a button for the current playlist
    • extended "is recording" overlay at the top (the Title, channel and starting time of the current recording will be displayed). You can enable/ disable this inside the GUI settings!
    • some other BasicHome button images included
    • other default background and Splashscreen
    • many bugfixes and small enhancements compared to basic Titan skin!
    1. If you have modified the "Basichome.subemnus.xml" file from an older version of my theme, please make a backup!
    2. Download the MPEI package and install it!!! and configure the Theme inside the "MediaPortal GUI -> Skin" settings
    3. Have Fun!
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