[Bug] Titan Extended is chosen over Current Skin in update to 1.3RC (1 Viewer)


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  • January 23, 2008
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    When I upgraded to 1.3RC on Single Seat and also on my client, I chose to keep the current skin, but I also chose to install Titan Extended, for use later. When ran MP, Titan was started. I was surprised, since I was using aMPed on my 4:3 TV before I upgraded. Titan doesn't look so good on 4:3. It happened on both upgrades.
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  • February 23, 2008
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    I noticed this also and investigated a bit more.
    Just did an upgrade from 1.3Beta to RC and disabled the checkbox for Titan Extended & LAV
    Selected to use the existing skin
    Use existing skin.PNG

    And when i start MP after install, Titan is started, so the option in Deploy Tool isn't respected.

    Setting thread to Bug and added to Mantis:

    0004240: Deploy Tool doesn't respect the option 'Use Existing Skin'
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