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    Hi guys,

    I'm proud to present you my complete rework of the Essential skin for MPDisplay++.

    It is based on the default Essential skin, but has some more features and included some more plugin support..

    Current version is only tested with a resolution of 1024 x 768 (4:3)

    -Added support for Fanart
    -Added some more hovers
    -Added new remotes
    -Changed color of progress bars
    -Support for Emulators2, InfoService, BrowseTheWeb and WorldWeather
    -Added settings and Homebutton to homescreen
    -Added RSS feed
    -Added weathericon (+ button) to homescreen
    -New remote label in all screens
    -Added weather icon to date
    -New splashscreen
    -Some bigger fonts in some places
    -Added site icon to OnlineVideos
    -Added some translations

    -Changed some Animations
    -Removed dialogs
    -Some more small things....

    Please check it out!

    If there are any bugs* or feature requests, let me know!

    *Always provide a printscreen when reporting a bug.

    This is a first release.. There will follow a normal installer soon.

    For now the installation should be done as followed:

    -Extract the .zip file
    -Remove the Essential folder (C:\ProgramData\MPDisplay++\Skin\Essential) when you have installed it allready and replace it with the folder attached.


    EDIT: And almost forgot: All credits goes offcourse to @sa_ddam213 and @Wondermusic for this fantastic piece of software including the nice skin editor and wonderfull skins there are on the market allready! (y)


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