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December 12, 2008
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Dear developers,

I have start to design a new skin. For the fully function of the screens it seems be necessary to use the "allowhiddenfocus" function. Allready i have found a work around for this function, but the size of the XML code will go up 2-3 times per function by this solution. A example of this situation you will find in the xface skin.
It seems that the focus go not directly from the one to the other function or the focused ID go to 1 or 0 inbetween.
Anyway, the focus fall back to the first case and you will be not able to focus the butten at the first stroke.
But i dont want to talk about the Xface Skin.
Now my two questions:
Is it possible check these fuction in a short time?
Did my now started work on the skin also usable at MP2? (OK: it's a question of fortune)

Best regards


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