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July 25, 2008
I have MP 1, with Moving Pic 0.72, using the K-Lite codec pack on Windows 7 build 7000.

Regarding playing VIDEO_TS from internal player
When trying to play video_ts from moving pic nothing happens. I get the "press-enter-button" sound, and a quick flicker, but then back to the same place. I can play everything else fine, like .avi and .mvk files.

  • I just tried installing PowerDVD 9 - no luck
  • I tried setting the WMP and PowerDVD 9 as external players under the "Video" tab - no luck (this works with other files, like .mvk) The external player wont even load with the video_ts files

If I set PowerDVD 9 as the external player under the "dvd" tab, everything works fine. Is it possible to use the internal player?

Regarding .ISO
Since I`m using Win7, Deamon Tools is not compatible yet. For mounting files outside MP, i use "Virtual CloneDrive" from slysoft, but I cant get this to work with MP and Mov.Pic. Any suggestions to how i can mount images inside MP without Deamon Tools?

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