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April 7, 2013
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I tried upgrading from 2.2.3 to 2.3 on my Win10 HPTC. I fixed a couple of issues on the impossibility to run the 64bit and on the non working hama/ortek remote which is not full RC6 compliant following advice in this forum, but I was unable to see Live TV recordings with the user interface (both the old one and the new nereus one).
I set the location of the recordings as usual on the TV server setup and set it for all the cards. The recording was actually performed and the file located in the proper directory but it did not appear in the recordings therefore it was impossible to be played. Also previous recordings were imported into the database but they were not appearing.

I tried removing everything from programdata/team mediaportal and reinstalled again but the problem remained.

As far as log are concerned, the button "open log directory", in the tv server setup program, did not actually open the directory containing log files.
Also the log collector program displayed a window showing that the log files for the TV server (I don't remember the exact file path) was missing: therefore I assumed that there was something wrong with my installation and reverted back to 2.2.3 with a full image restore.

I'll try again next weekend but how can I further debug this issue? Which log file should I look at in order to understand why the recordings are not displayed on the user interface (or what setting in the user interface should I look at)?

Thank you for your attention,

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