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October 21, 2012
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I have been trying to find a good media application.
Ive decided against Linux distros simply because I want it to be an all in one box and you cantr really game on a Linux box.
The only downside for me with Media Portal is that it appears I cannot customize the main screen categories.

There is music, pictures, video, plugins, etc.

Is there any way to get rid of the videos tab on the home screen and put a
TV tab
and a
Movies tab instead?


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    Yes, you can fully customise the home screen.

    If using the default mediaportal skin you can go into mp config -> plugins -> click on tv, then choose disable. If you want to hide the tv plugin but still have it available then select to show tv inside plugins menu, if you want to hide plugins sub menu you can hdie this too. This will change the classic home screen but not the basic home screen. You can toggle between the home screens by pressing 'h' , under general settings you can completely disable classic home or basic home so you have just the one home screen type.

    Alternatively install a skin that comes with a home screen editor, eg.
    + many others

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