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    See the logs.
    My Setup
    Triax TSS Sat>IP Server.
    EPG data through clickfinder.

    Very often TV-Service connection is lost because the service dies.
    When I get logs I will attach them.

    Append new log.
    -> MP crashed when trying to change a channel.

    And why crashes my Configuration.exe, when exiting by clicking "OK"
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    Very often TV-Service connection is lost because the service dies.
    Indeed. From late October until 23 December it looks like your system was mostly stable. After that it seems like you have crashes almost every day. :(

    Something must have changed to cause this to happen!

    Most of the crashes have code c0000005, which means an "access violation exception". That's a memory error. I suggest to check the stability of your memory using memtest86.

    I also suggest to check your Windows update history for any suspicious updates installed at approximately the same time as the problem started.

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