Trying to suspend while viewing tv -> black screen (1 Viewer)


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September 4, 2005
I dont know if this is functional or a bug, but on my current RC2, I have setup the remote to map power off button to system suspend. This works nice everywhere except when watching tv.

If I try to suspend while watching tv, the screen goes black, but the machine never power off, and all contact is lost. Only a hard reboot will wake it up. It seems that the OS is still working because I can se a glimpse of desktop when I do a hard reboot. But MP "paints" the screen black.

Now for me, this is no problem as I know it. For the guys sharing the appartement with me, this is a major problem :)



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August 1, 2005
Yep I have the same problem with the mce european remote.

I know that if I select back to the home tab its fine, but if you leave tv running mediaportal crashes, I've found no change with any of the selections within powerscheduler.

Easy for me, but my girlfriend cannot seem to remember this...... think I might buy a goldfish for xmas... :roll:

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