1.16.0 TSReader gets stuck when audio streams are advertised in PMT but not found in stream (1 Viewer)

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  • July 2, 2008
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    Hi @mm1352000 I have new questions about raw TS recording: I've now bought TS Doctor v2.0 and I thought I'd do a check again to see if it finds anything different than v1.0 and I also did a check on the full transponder recording that I provided to you (which I hadn't thought of doing at the time), and I found this which I find weird:

    Selecting PMT with PID 403 (0193) at position 00003065 ====> Arte Belgique HD
    CRC OK!
    PID 005E is encrypted and will be removed
    Deleting PMT entry: PID 94 (005E) type 6 = ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-1 PES packets containing private data (AC3)
    PID 005F is encrypted and will be removed
    Deleting PMT entry: PID 95 (005F) type 4 = ISO/IEC 13818-3 Audio

    So if I understand correctly it says the two "non present" audio tracks are in fact present but scrambled? Is that possible, only some PIDs belonging to the same PMT that can't be decrypted? Do you think maybe my provider is 'blocking' those audio tracks by encrypting them differently than the other PIDs ? Or could this be a problem with my tuner card or CI card? My CI card says "decryption of two simultaneous channels", so I guess that means all the PIDs of two PMT entries?

    Also, TS Doctor is finding "packet discontinuities" in the video stream created by TS Writer (the single channel one) that it doesn't find when checking the raw transponder TS. Is that normal?

    I've attached the two check logs, if that helps. Thank you very much if you can clear this up for me, I'm very confused and I'm now wondering if the issue is on my provider's side, or my setup, or MP's.

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