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November 19, 2006
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I don't agree, that bugs in TT-drivers is that well known fact. Where can you find that information?
I tried very carefully to find out which DVB-C card I should buy to my new HTPC. There isn't too many available, at least not here in Finland. And even fewer have BDA-driver. I ended up buying couple of TT c-1500 cards, and only after 4-5 months of testing and reading forums, I've found out that most likely all my problems are because of these cards and their driver.

What I would like to see, is a clear list of what HW is working with MP, or at least some recommendations what one should buy.

OF COURSE it is TT's issue to fix their bugs and serve their customers. No-one else can do that. But they are either not capable or not willing to do so. So I personally will try to find another working DVB-C card and try to sell my TT-cards. But at the moment I don't know what I should buy??? Haven't found so far any card sold here, that is NOT having any problems at all.

I still have lots of patience to test MP, and to wait for it to get better. I still think MP is by far better than any other mediasoftware I've seen or heard of. Nobody is saying it is ready, or not even fully working. Everybody should understand that!

Don't rely on MP only. You have to have an other system you can use if MP is not working. I can watch DVB-T-channels with my TV-set (because our local cable-operator is kindly broadcasting also some DVB-T-channels in cable, but only until year 2009, I hope MP is working by then...)

I hope that everyone else can also have patience. Guys are doing hard work for free, and making great product for us.


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September 30, 2006
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Any update on this? I'm looking to purchase a TT c1500 now to use with MP... Have recent drivers fixed tese previous issues? Any other DVB-C (UK cable) cards people can recommend?


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  • November 22, 2006
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    The MCE Standy Tool ( MST ) could help you with the reinit of the card without using the TVServer3.
    Got a SkystarHD which is hardwarewise similar to the TT3200, i am using the TT3200 driver for it.
    Since i can not get it to work proper with the latest TVS3 i am playin around with the build in TVS2.
    This works really nice for now - beside the channel switching times. And the loss of HD content.

    You mentioned MCE - i realy like MCE a lot. But there are a lot of things.... not topic.
    One important fact is that MCE is not supporting the H264 DVB-S2 part - no way. ( Except using TVServer3 with MCE - dont know how far the development is/how goog it works, just read something about it)
    If you just want to use mpg-content it will work fine.

    Hopefully there will come some better drivers next week. Support mentioned that in their last mail.

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