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January 10, 2023
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Ok, so I'm a WMC7 user but I thought I should try MP2 since I'm sure my WMC7 is going to fade off to the distance soon. I've installed MP2 on Windows 7 PC ok. I'm in the TV Server Configuration and it sees my two tuner cards, but never scans a channel. Always says "No signal".

My two cards are Compro VideoMate E750 and RealTk DTV, both dual cards and both working perfectly in WMC7. Are they not compatible with MP2? What am I missing?


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    TV Server Configuration sees my two tuner cards, but never scans a channel. Always says "No signal".
    If your tuners work with WMC, in most cases they should work with MP. However, tuners cannot simultaneously work with two different media center applications. So if WMC is accessing the tuners, MP won't be able to access them.

    To be sure that WMC is not interfering, you should use the Windows "Services" panel and disable all of the WMC services. It is some years since I last used WMC, so I am not exactly sure what these services are called on the "Services" panel, but they probably have names beginning "e" (e.g. "eHome", "eSomethingElse", and so on). A reboot might also be a good idea, but check that the WMC services have not been restarted.

    Another possible cause of your problem is that you are not using the appropriate list of frequencies for your location. I think that there should be an "all frequencies" choice for Australia that will cause MP to scan all of the possible frequencies. This will take longer than usual, but should find any channels that are receivable at your location.

    If you have already tried both of the above suggestions, I am out of ideas. :(

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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