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  • March 18, 2012
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    Subsequent to a channel scan with MP2 with Native TV, in the TV Server Configuration gui, under TV Channels, only 1 channel shows up and that doesn't look legit to me, if I try to preview that channel, it says, "Preview failed, NoSignalDetected." And then under (TV Mapping) no channels show up under (Available channels), only one channel shows up mapped to the card and it does not look legitimate to me, It is a "T" in a blue circle and that is it.. Although during the scan several signals do seem to get detected. Also oddly, again under the TV Server Configuration gui and then (TV Servers), my "server name" is not listed to my machine name as I expected. It's basically just an empty branch on the tree, the tuner card does show up. I'll upload a screen shot for clarity. The MP 2 Server app is running and shows a connection state of "Disconnected', (I don't need to have the client running, right?) If your looking at my specs, this is on the "Testing HTPC" machine.

    PS. One more odd thing, after the status window on the scan says, Scan done..., The green progress bars still show green activity and don't clear. It is green on signal level, signal quality, and the general status bar.



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