[confirm] TV Client settings looses TV Server Setting if TV Server is not running. (1 Viewer)


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  • December 17, 2010
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    Encountered an annoying issue yesterday. I've started configuration.exe as I want to change some plugin settings before running MP 1.4 pre... After I'm finished I click "OK" as usual. Suddenly an error message pops up telling me something is wrong with the Settings for TV Plugin. As my TV server wasn't online that time I'm not really worried about. So I confirmed that I will close configuration. After starting MP I've got those "connection to TV Server lost" message every 5 seconds also my TV Server was up and running. Latest Media Handler showed me on home screen what's next to record properly, DriveFreeSpace showed me how much space left for recordings, so the connection to TV Server was working, I thought.

    It really takes me a lot of time to find, that configuration.exe had reverted the TV Server settings to local machine after it could not find TV Server during runtime also I never opened that TV/Radio tab in Configuration.

    It's a normal usecase on Multiseat environment to change settings also TV Server is not running. Configuration never should change such settings when it's not explicit asked to do so...

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