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November 18, 2008
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Sweden Sweden
TV-Server Version: 1
MediaPortal Version: 1
MediaPortal Skin: Blue 3
Windows Version: Vista Ultimate 64
Motherboard: Gigbyte GA-MA78GM-S2H
1. TV Card: Hauppauge Win TV Nova DVB-S/S2


I have a strange problem concerning MP contra TV-Server. I have set up the TV-Server so i can preview all the channels, both free and encrypted and all the channels are ok with video and sound. So far no problem. My problem starts when i enter MP and go to TV. The first channel always tunes in ok, maby the second channel also. But then when i try too change channel the next time the picture freez and nothing happens. It seems like MP looses contact to TV-Server. And it is not always the same channel that freez.

If i exit MP and try to preview channels in TV-Server i dont get any audio or video (but the tv-service is started). I have to restart the service and then i can preview again. And if i Enter MP i can watch maby two or three channels before it happens again.

Anyone have an idea?

I have done a clean install but nothing helps.


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  • December 28, 2008
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    Hi TheGermanChe,

    I think I had for 2 month the same problem, after resume or restart of my MediaCenter I had about 5 Mintues time to switch to channel which I want to see after this time I had no chance, the TVServer hang and MediaPortal waits and waits...
    My reason was, that the EPG-Grapper had grapped all the TV-Channels and had no time to switch to TV-Mode and the EPG-Grapping starts after 5 Minutes. Then I had removed many of my channels in the EPG-Grapper only 50 Channels since this I had no problems.

    Perhaps you have the same problem.

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