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Dave Reynolds

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  • February 23, 2012
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    Hi All,

    Got a rock solid Mediaportal build after a long time of setting it up.

    Currently Running MP 1.15 single seat mode (Win 7).

    I have searched long and hard for the answer but cannot find it so am asking here.

    If Live tv is playing (full screen) and I put the PC to sleep, how can I get it to resume full screen playback on resume ?

    Currently it returns to the TV Home screen with the option to turn it back on,

    Any pointers would be great,



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  • August 9, 2012
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    Checking the boxes in MP Config as per the attached screen shots should do what you want, it works for me.:)
    set1.jpg set2.jpg

    I just gave this a quick double check on my HTPC which is running 1.16pr, it works great when closing and restarting MP but on resume from sleep it returns to fullscreen TV but hung on a still and no longer responds to the remote, I had to use the keyboard to open Task Manager and kill MP:(. I'm sure it used to work so it maybe a bug in the 1.16pr, please report back here how it goes with 1.15.
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