TV Guide wont show any programs for 2006. Year 2006 problem? (1 Viewer)


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  • May 14, 2005

    Hopefully someone has a clue to this...

    These last days I noticed that whenever I try to schroll TV Guide into next year (sunday and on) it just switches back to current date whenever it hits sunday jan 1. 2006.
    Looked into TVGiude.xml which has all the programs.

    The issue occurs in both and 0.2 rc2......

    The Guide and scheduling has been working flawlessly for months with no problems and nothing has been changed in the settings.

    Huge appreciation to all the ever hardworking devs. This is by far the greatest Media Center project I´ve seen.

    Best regards


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    November 6, 2004
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    OleBent said:
    Thnx Maschine

    Sorry I didnt notice others where at it allready.

    CVS 12-31-2005--01-03 doesn't solve the problem for me.
    I downloaded and imported the tvguide-data again but with no result. I only can watch the tvguide-data for Saturday December 31. When I go to next day it stays on Saturday December 31 but then with no tvguide-data at all.

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