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May 9, 2017
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MediaPortal 2 Version: 2.2.1

If you select the TV menu icon at the top and then go to any of the submenu items e.g. "TV Guide" or "Recordings". The top TV menu icon is disabled. The only way to get back to the top level is choose another top menu icon and then select the TV one again.
This was also a problem in 2.2 but the breadcrumb menu at the top left worked when you clicked Home it took you back to the TV top level. In 2.2.1 this does not work either.

Steps to Reproduce:
Select the TV menu icon at the top and then go to any of the submenu items e.g. "TV Guide" . Then click on the top TV menu icon to return to the TV top level . Nothing happens.
Click on the Home breadcrumb menu also nothing happens.
Click on VideoHub and then click on TV and you get back to the top level TV menu


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    I presume that you are referring to using a mouse only.

    The only way to get back to the top level is choose another top menu icon and then select the TV one again.
    If you want to return from a lower level you need to perform a 'Back", either with Escape or Back on a remote or keyboard.
    I am not sure but having the menu button perform the way you propose may have some undesired side-effects with active TV. Nonetheless something that can be looked at.

    Click on the Home breadcrumb menu also nothing happens.
    This gets me to the home screen here with the last added media items.


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    @ge2301 , @Nikki Locke , what behavior do we want to see when reselecting the TV menu icon? Should this bring up the main screen in any case?
    I guess, that the user talks about BlueVision as skin. Same could happen in Windows10 theme, but not in Titanium Extended theme, because the group menu is deactivated in sub screens.
    I think, that the desired behaviour is feasible. Means, selecting a group button (tab), should always show the overview of the group with sub items.
    But I also remember why this was not implemented. There is the option "Disable automatic tab menu selection". If not checked, just focusing a group button (tab) is changing the content (=sub menu items below). So if you are in a sub screen, just navigating to the group button would show the updated overview immediately, even if not desired.

    We could solve it in a way, that the automatic reloading of the group sub items takes only happen, if above option is checked (=disabled) and the tab item is selected.
    But this must be done by a dev. I guess @morpheus_xx could be better here, as he was involved in creating of the group menu. I think the group code is a bit complex and easy to mess up ... but @Nikki Locke can of course try it in another branch :D

    Nikki Locke

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    Bit busy with adding about 10 new classes so that you can add info menus to groups in media lists, so that I can implement "Delete all these recordings" as an info menu option when the cursor is on a group of recordings.

    Will also use the same code to correct "Add all to playlist" info menu option - it will only appear when on a group of items (e.g. an audio album), and allow you to play the album without having to go into it, cursor right, and select "Add all to playlist" there.

    @HTPCSourcer also wants the Play button to do that, but I have no idea how to do it yet.

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