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September 3, 2005

Im running Mediaportal with below hardware:

ATI Radeon 9600
Sony 17" computer monitor
Sony 32" LCD TV
Firedtv internal
Firefly remote

My aim is to run mediaportal on both tv and monitor simultaneously. The monitor is connected to graphics card through vga and the tv is connected through the graphicscard through s video out. The resolution on both displays is set to 800x600 and "Windows desktop + Clone mode" using ati catalyst control panel.

Mediportal now shows up brilliantly on my monitor. On the TV, it shows up well for navigation and menus etc, but when watching tv or recorded material, the stream always turns full screen on TV while staying embedded on the monitor (unless switching to fullscreen through MP).

Also, when recording, the live tv stops, only displaying a black box. The recording itself works though.

Anyone know how to solve these two problems, eg (a) to not switch to fullscreen on TV as soon as watching streams/movies and (b) keep the live stream while recording.

Thanks for any input, and yes Im fairly new to all this so pls bare with me.. :)


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