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February 9, 2009
TV-Server Version: 1
MediaPortal Version: 1
MediaPortal Skin: Blue3
Windows Version: XP HOme it
CPU Type: pentium d 3.2 ghz
HDD: maxtor 250 gb
Memory: 2 gb
Motherboard: asus p5nd2 sli
Video Card: nvidia geforce 6800
Video Card Driver:
Sound Card:
Sound Card AC3:
Sound Card Driver:
1. TV Card: asus p7131 hybrid
1. TV Card Type: dvb-t/analog
1. TV Card Driver:
2. TV Card:
2. TV Card Type:
2. TV Card Driver:
3. TV Card:
3. TV Card Type:
3. TV Card Driver:
4. TV Card:
4. TV Card Type:
4. TV Card Driver:
MPEG2 Video Codec:
MPEG2 Audio Codec:
h.264 Video Codec:
Satelite/CableTV Provider:
HTPC Case:
Power Supply:
TV - HTPC Connection:

sorry for my english but i'm italian and i don't know well the english, i've a problem...i installed mediaportal 1.0 5 days ago...i configure the tv server and it function...but yesterday when i uninstall cyberlink powercinema (i don't know if it is that the problem), i remove the asus hid plugin and the tv stopped working... the tv server find the channels...but when i enter in the tv plugin in mediaportal he asked the ip address or the host name..i insert the same of the tvserver (the tv card is in the same pc of the mediaportal) but the tv plugin don't succedd to connect but there's no problem with the ports... i try to uninstall and reinstall...delete all the files, change the database from sql server to mysql,reinstall powercinema, but the problem persists.. what can i do?


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February 9, 2009

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