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September 29, 2015
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After a small EPG change (e.g. 5 minutes added to the start time), a show is recorded correctly, but the title of the recording is incorrect. The recording name is the name of the show just before in the EPG.

Why do I think this is a MediaPortal bug?
1. Available EPG options depend on where you live. In my case (France), WebGrabPlus seems to be the only option.
I tried 6 different EPG sources in WebGrabPlus. All of theses EPGs make small adjustments to the schedules 1 to 2 days before the broadcast, probably because the networks typically add short programs (like weather forecast) at the last minute to the schedule, pushing the main feature start time by 5 to 10 minutes.
2. It just does not seem right to use the name of a show which is either almost over (e.g. the last 5 minutes of a movie) or very short (like whether forecast) to name a 2 hour feature recording that is about to start.

Attempted workarounds
1. I tried the excellent plugin EPG cleaner, which addresses this issue and more for DVB EPG.
Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any DVB EPG data in my area, at least not for over the air HD broadcasts (and Cable is encrypted anyways so you can't really use MediaPortal - no cable cards standard like in the US).
2. I tried to remove all short programs from the EPG (using WebGrabPlus options), creating a 5-10 minute gap before the start of the main recording. In this case, MediaPortal just names the recording "manual". Not very fun to come back home after a week-long trip and find 20 recordings called "manual"...
3. The only remaining option seems to give up on daily scheduled EPG updates and instead manually start EPG update once a week, just before making my program selection for the week. This avoids the issue, but at the expense of genuine schedule change (which happen occasionally due to news, sports events lasting longer, etc...).

Possible fixes
1. Media Portal can already make schedule adjustments so that recordings of series episodes are always correctly named, regardless of schedule change. Any way to do the same for one-time recordings?
2. May be just have an option to use the name of the show in the schedule and not the one from the EPG to name one-time recordings.
3. Another option would be to just look at the listing at the scheduled start time + 20% when naming the recording. For example, for a 100 minute recording, look at the listing at the start time + 20 minutes. This would always work in my case, as these daily EPG changes never add more than 20 minutes to the start time (5-10 minutes most of the time) and non-recurrent recordings are typically movies so tend to last close to 2 hours.


Steps to Reproduce:
1. Schedule a one-time TV recording (not a recurring recording)
2. Disable DVB EPG (if you have DVD EPG data in your area)
3. Edit tvguide.xml to add 5 minutes to the start time of the show in EPG
4. Wait a couple minutes for Media Portal to update its EPG
5. Look at your recording schedule: The entry for this show is still in the list, but it has no scheduled time
6. Recording starts as per the original schedule, but the name of the show is the one of the show just before in the EPG

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