TV Recordings not bing 'imported'

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August 28, 2013
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I use MP v1.x as the backend of my PVR which is accessed via Kodi clients.

Works OK with one exception.

Recordings are saved to the designated folder (a network volume) but don't seem to be 'imported' into the MP database. Therefore, they don't show up in the TV->Recordings section of the front-end clients. If I go into the config tool, I can 'import' the recordings which then happily appear.

What could be preventing saved recordings from being imported automagically by MediaPortal?

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    1. Are the recordings also not listed in the MediaPortal front end unless you manually import them?
    2. Do you move the recordings at any stage?
    3. Does the TV service (TVservice.exe) have the necessary permissions to read and write to the network share?
    4. What happens if you try recording to a local drive (recommended!)?

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