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November 3, 2019
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With the impending termination of support for Windows 7, I am another user who is migrating away from WMC and searching for an alternative.

One great feature in WMC was the ability to set up a wish-list of key programme/movie words (e.g. "Bear Grylls"), so that if they appeared in the EPG they would automatically be queued up for recording.

Is there a way to do anything similar in MediaPortal 2?


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    Is there a way to do anything similar in MediaPortal
    Not easily. There is a plug-in TvWishlist that was developed for MP1, which offers the requested features. However, it requires some manual adjustment to work in MP2. I found a German thread where detailed steps are described: MP2 und TVWishlist


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    We do this using the MediaPortal 2 TV Configuration application to export the schedule, edit the resulting XML file and re-importing. We set the scheduling option to 3 or 4 (see below) depending on whether we are sure which channel the programme will be on.
    The only problem we've found is that you have to specify the programme name preicesly - if you've asked it to record "Vera" it won't record "New: Vera" so you might have to include several variations on the name. Of course its still not as comprehensive as the MS WMC version.

    There are eight different scheduling options, three of which are fixed by the programme title:

    Every time on this channel 3
    Every time on every channel 4
    Weekly on this day 7

    with the remaining five being fixed by the start and end times:

    Once 0
    Weekly at this time 2
    Daily at this time 1
    Weekdays at this time 6
    Weekends at this time 5

    Weekly every time on this channel 7 (Weekly Always e.g. Tuesday)

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