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May 16, 2016
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Hi, maybe someone can give me some advice.

I have two PCs (A and B) and each is equipped with a TV card for recording. I record to a shared folder, which works fine. All recordings and XMLs are stored correctly. Both on latest MP1, Win10 x64.

My challenge is the following. If I record with PC(A), the files are correctly stored and the mptvdb(A) adds the new recording. But on PC(B) the mptvdb(B) does not update the entry with the new recording. I need to manually import the recording. This applies the other way round in the same way. In a worst case I have to import both database manually.

So, what I would be looking for is a way to automatize this. For example something like an auto-import after a couple of hours.
Or is this something that MP2 could solve?

I am a newbie to SQL, but tried to read. So there would be a INSERT INTO mptvdb Values I_don't_know_howto_extract_from_XML, but then the data would be written multiple times.
Sorry if this sounds stupid, but I really don't know much.

Does anyone know a tool or a trick, how this could be done (apart from connecting all the TV cards to one PC)? Or is this not supported by design?


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