TV Server can't tune to some DVB-S multiplexes while other software can (1 Viewer)


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April 11, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I'm attempting to set up MP2 with a Sundtek SkyTV Ultimate 5 DVB-S/S2 USB tuner.

When doing a full channel scan on Astra 19,2°E, some multiplexes aren't found, for example the one on 12187,5MHz Horizontal where some German private SD stations are (e.g. RTL).
I tried scanning for that multiplex specifically (attachment 1), but this just results in "No signal" anyway (attachment 2).
Other multiplexes, for example the one on 11494Mhz Horizontal (ARD HD stations) work.

However DVBViewer finds all multiplexes and can tune to the problematic one at 100% signal quality (attachment 3) with the same tuner.
A dedicated receiver also works.

So the problem is the TV server.
How would I go about further diagnosing this issue?


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