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September 26, 2008
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I would like to know how or in fact if it is possible to have MP send an "event" to an apache server to change a channel on an external satelite box? The reason for this protraced method is I want to only allow a change if the box is not already in use - i.e. I have a tv in the games room with a sky HD box connected to it, this same sky box is connected to a pc and MP server serving 2 XBMC Clients. The sky box is connected to an HD PVR whihc is connected to the tv server - this same machine runs Girder which controls lights and a few other things. I would like MP to send an event to the Girder apache server which can then - conditional on it not being in use - send a tcp or ir to the sky box.

if anyone has any better suggestions or a solution please help me finish this last piece of the puzzle.


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